Out work. Out think. Out care.

Buzz Advertising Agency is a full-service advertising and marketing firm that partners with other like-minded businesses to grow their bottom line. Our experienced team of creative and advertising pros serve clients across the United States. Buzz Advertising Agency was founded by marketing expert, Tammy Benda. The former partner of Bottom Line Marketing brings with her over 20 years of advertising experience, a strong work ethic, and a team of employees excited to help businesses create a buzz.

Buzz Advertising Agency works hard and digs deep to understand your business, it’s challenges, and opportunities for growth. We tailor your creative and media plan to capitalize on those opportunities. We eagerly await your late-night updates about your big events and how your month ended.

We measure our success by our customer’s victories. If you’re looking to learn more about our success stories, give THEM a call! They’re not only our partners in business, they’re our best friends and biggest cheerleaders.

Tammy Benda

Owner, Queen Bee

Bekki Flinn

Audio, Video & Media Specialist

Olivia Stewart

Digital Media Manager

Dinele Stewart

Senior Graphic Designer

Eloise Mitchell

Content Writer

Bri Sartin

Account Coordinator

Morgan Gerow

Graphic Designer

Joel Siegel

Email/Web Marketing Coordinator

Matthew Law

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Bailey Rebh

Social Media Coordinator

Rhet Hoffman

Graphic Design Intern

Ava Fleck

Social & Digital Intern

Contact us for a free, no obligation marketing consultation. We’ll be glad to show you more of our work and share a list of clients you can ask about us.