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From jewelry stores to auto dealerships, law firms, pharmaceutical companies, banks, apparel printing, insurance agencies and more, we’ve got a portfolio of work as deep as the Great Lakes! With work ranging from retargeting ads and Facebook pixels to billboard ads and radio jingles, here’s a quick demo-reel of selected work we’ve produced for our clients!

Marketing and advertising work best when it gets people talking! Let’s talk! Contact us for a free, no obligation marketing consultation. Discover the three key performance indicators you need in your marketing strategy to truly create a buzz, and learn more about our work. Let’s grow!

Contact us for a free, no obligation marketing consultation. We’ll be glad to show you more of our work and share a list of clients you can ask about us.
“We’ve been working with Tammy and her team for just over a year now, and they have proven to be a very valuable asset for our business. They’ve given us excellent advice for marketing and website design, and provide us with innovative ideas for sales and promotions. Sales continue to increase for our business, and her team is a big part of our success. Thanks Tammy!”

Brandon Thompson

“We have worked with these wonderful people as they were Bottom Line Marketing – Michigan for the last 18 -20 years. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Buzz Advertising Agency. Tammy, Barry, and Bekki have all gone above and beyond to help us build our business, Astro U.P. We look forward to many years of fun ahead!”

Jennifer Elliott-Bagwell

“What a great company! Always producing fantastic results while maintaining fresh contemporary concepts keeping your business in front of the rest!”

Cory Walker

“Tammy and team rock! Cline Jewelers has had amazing growth with their help. They truly value their partnerships with their clients and treat your business as their own.”

Andy Cline