Your social media should be social! It should feature you, your staff, your personality and the approachability of your business. It should be fun, engaging, and consistent. Most importantly, it should be SEEN! We not only help you get social with content ideas and creation, we make sure you get the attention you deserve through social media marketing.


Behavior, interest, location and demo targeting are just a few ways we make your page and posts appear in the news feeds of your customers right where they’re spending hours of their day – on social media platforms!


Facebook & Instagram

While the ages and number of users shift a bit each year as new social media platforms are developed, Facebook and Instagram still have a stronghold on the percentage of adult users. Yes, as a business, it’s still a FREE source of media and can have an impact with a big following and engaging content. However, because it’s media, money talks! The more you spend, the more you reach. The Facebook and Instagram platforms have some of the best data available, allowing for granular targeting other platforms can’t offer.


TikTok is a new and trendy social media platform. Popular amongst Gen Z’ers and Millennials, TikTok allows users to create videos and follow trends popular on its app. Businesses are included too! These users love to see their favorite businesses on top of current trends and engage with their younger demographic. Buzzworthy content on TikTok encourages brand loyalty and promotion to the next generation of business leaders. Are your ads relevant and impactful to those next in line? We’ll make sure you’re more than relevant with this eager audience!



Pinterest is a fantastic social media platform for businesses that offer several varieties of products. Top businesses are jewelers, bridal stores, flower shops, and more. Users can pin almost anything to a board specific to their interests. If you can dream it, you can pin it! Prior to making a purchase, customers use Pinterest to assemble collections of web content and inspiring links matching their style, vibe, and aesthetic. If the products you provide match their interests, you’ll want your site to populate their searches so YOU get pinned to their boards!

If social media marketing isn’t an option for your business, you can always gain customers through Traditional Marketing. This type of marketing includes radio, television, billboards and more. However you want to build a buzz around your bizz, we can help!