From A to Bee

Growing your business requires so much more than creating a great ad design or producing an outrageous TV commercial. If we’re to become partners in your growth, here’s what the typical marketing strategy process looks like.

Strategy & Discovery

Deep-Dive Discovery

We need to know your business, right down to the core. What makes you different, REALLY different? Please don’t answer with “our customer service” because EVERYONE answers with that. What do you do better than any of your competitors? Where are you weak? What drives your passion, makes you tick? Answering these questions is key to creating a strategy that works for your biz’s buzz!

Getting to Know Your Customers

Let’s face it, we need to get to know your customers. Who they are, where they come from, where they work, what they believe, why they choose you, how much they spend, and more! We’ll dig through the data together and help make sure your buzz reaches your target audience.
Customer Demographic Analysis

Examining Systems & Processes

What is your clienteling process? Sales process? Website? Advertising drives customers to you. You need to be ready to deliver an experience that lives up to the hype.
Examining Systems and Processes

Exploring Your Media

No two businesses are the same. No two markets are the same. No two marketing strategies should be the same. Businesses with the same customer profile will have drastically different strategies if one is inside a large city and the other is in a small, rural community. We’ll research your area’s media channels, review rankings & avails, and negotiate the best rates for you.
Media Market Analysis
Budget Bottom Line

Budget & Strategy

Marketing strategy culminates with the HOW – the exact media mix that will bring your business’ advertising to life! We combine all the research mentioned above into a media budget and general roadmap for success and growth. We’ll pencil some events, dig into co-op opportunities, and optimize your budget for max buzz.
Photography & Social Media

Time to Get Creative

Develop your voice. Mold your message. Establish your look. We’ll build your BRAND. It’s about creating a cohesive, memorable message that connects with your consumer. We’ll implement your style across all media, including video, social, email, events, and more. We promise… It’ll be buzzworthy.

Create a Buzz

Finally, it’s time to press launch on your campaign. We’ll update your website, launch your emails, share your posts, and traffic your creative, blanketing the market with your message. Ya know, that whole “cross-pollination” thing!

How Did We Do?

Your marketing should not be “set it and forget it.” We’ll assess your KPIs to determine what yielded the best results and generate reports showing you all the analytics and fancy numbers. Finally, we adjust our marketing strategy, as needed, ensuring your budget remains optimized.