Tips for Creating Social Media Content People Actually Want to See

Social Media Tips

By our social media specialist, Olivia

Let’s face it, social media is growing more and more important to a business’ presence. Over 70 percent of the U.S. population has a social media account. Anyone can have a social media account, but not everyone knows how to make the best use of it. I’m here to help!

  1. Never post more than once a day

    More than one post a day impacts your page negatively. According to a study done by, if you have a smaller following, posting twice a day will actually result in about 50% fewer clicks per post. The larger your following, the easier you can get away with posting more than once a day.
  1. Decide on your aesthetic

    The aesthetic chosen should match the vibe your business puts off. Your posts should be centered around this aesthetic because it will ultimately create recognition for your business from your followers.
  1. Live videos

    Live videos are super interactive for followers of your page because they are different from regular videos posted to your feed. Live videos are unscripted, unlike regular videos can be, and they also give followers the opportunity to interact directly with the person handling the live video.
  1. GIFs/videos of product

    For businesses with intricate details on their products, like jewelry or flooring, GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) or videos can highlight these details to followers without them actually being able to see them in person.
  1. Employees showing off product

    Your employees are the face of your business, why not have them be the face of your social media as well?! This method works especially well with local businesses where most of your followers either shop regularly or know your employees personally! While showing off your employees, you also get to show off your in-store product instead of relying on stock images.
  1. Highlight employees

    Similar to the previous method, most of your followers know your employees if you are a local business, so showcasing your employees will create great response from your followers and can even increase your social media following! Using hashtag campaigns like #MeetTheTeam or #MeetTheTeamMondays will create buzz for your business. Hashtags help people find posts about topics they’re interested in.
  1. High resolution images

    No one wants to see blurry pictures because what’s the point? Make sure that any images used are in-focus, with no visible movement. One way to ensure images will be in-focus is to use a tripod to take images!
  1. Follow National Holidays

    There is a National Holiday for literally everything! Creating posts based on the National Holiday it is generates great engagement from followers! Even if it doesn’t relate to your business, everyone can relate to the National Holiday!
  1. Customer reviews/testimonials

    It is your job to speak positively about your business, but your word can only go so far! No one can say anything better about your business than your customers can! Their words will create a bigger impact on the image of your business.
  1. Pictures of customers

    People love to be shown off! What better way than posting them on your social media accounts? Post their testimonials with an image of your product(s)!
  1. Side-by-side comparisons

    If your company produces similar products with different variations, post them as comparisons and ask your followers, “Which would you choose?” This generates amazing organic engagement on your posts and can even be seen by people who don’t currently follow your page!