Welcome to the Buzz!

Welcome to the Buzz blog

By Tammy Benda

“Who is Buzz Advertising Agency?”

“Where did Bottom Line Marketing go?” 

“What’s different?”

Oh, the many questions!  First, WELCOME!  

We’re the old, but new advertising agency in Marquette, way up north in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I’m Tammy Benda, former partner of Bottom Line Marketing, now owner of Buzz Advertising Agency. I’m thankful for the nearly 20 years of working with Chris Brooks, the Bottom Line founder, and the last few years sharing ownership with Chris’ family. I wish them all the best and continued success in their now truly family-owned business.

Now… it’s all about the BUZZ!! It’s an exciting time for our team. Many of the same names and faces that have been serving our clients over the last few years are still a part of our hive, like the ORIGINAL Bottom Line employee, the one-and-only Bekstar, the super-server Barry, and the graphic goddess Dinele! But our team of busy bees goes deeper than that! Click here to see all the awesome people that are working to create a buzz around our clients’ businesses. 

Why Buzz Advertising Agency?  One of the foundations we built our business on is this… advertising works when it gets people talking!


Get memorable. 

Stand out from the crowd. 

Create a buzz! 

That’s what we’re all about. Buzz Advertising Agency creates a BUZZ about your business.

So, what’s with the bee connection? We’re sweet like honey, super social like bees, always busy and hardworking, sharing one common goal of building the colony (our clients’ business!), and we’re always pollinating and promoting growth.

Here’s a few of the ways we get our client’s biz a buzzin’!

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Account Management
  • Media Buying
  • Website Design
  • Creative Brand Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Media: (Pre-Roll Video, OTT Advertising, SEM, SEO, Digital Display & Retargeting Ads, and more!)
  • Traditional Media: (Broadcast and Cable TV, Billboards, Print Advertising, Displays, Newspaper, heck, even carrier pigeons if we must!)
  • Social Media
  • Audio Engineering and Radio Advertising

What’s changed? Not much outside of the name, contact info, and a few new faces. We’re still a full-service advertising agency with the same core principles and values we’ve maintained for the last 18+ years and all the services we’ve performed for that same time. Outstanding creative and branding, stellar strategy, top-notch production, efficient media planning, and a friend and cheerleader for your business is what you’ll always get!  

But, enough about our hive. Let’s get customers swarming to your doors!