What is Search Engine Optimization and Why is SEO Important?

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Search Engine Optimization Services Can Boost Traffic to Your Website!

Local SEO Services To Your Web Traffic Rescue!

When you Google your business, is it the first result to pop up? Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can put your business at the top of the Google search results, driving traffic to your website, and potentially bringing in new customers. The SEO experts at Buzz Ad Agency help our clients rank locally on Google, so when your potential customers search for a “jewelry store near me,” your business will be the first people see. 

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) services are methods businesses use to get their website found, indexed, and ranked by search engines such as Google.

Let’s Optimize That Website!

The first step in SEO is to create or optimize your website so that it has the appropriate keywords. These are words that people will be searching for when they’re looking for something that your business may offer. For example, if you own an accounting firm, some of your keywords might include “accountant” or “tax professionals,” or even specific cities where there’s high demand for accountants (such as New York).

Our team at Buzz will dive into the content descriptions and verbiage used on your website, blog sites, social media pages, and the alt descriptions behind your photos to integrate top-performing keywords that help to drive more web traffic to your website.

This keyword research plays a huge role in the performance of your search rankings, and when placed into copy or content that is relevant and engaging to your target audiences, you’ll soon begin to see the drastic benefits that SEO-enriched copy can bring to your online local business.

Another way that our team at Buzz helps to enhance your SEO and online presence is by strategically placing top-performing keywords in relevant and enticing organic content on your website and social media pages. Taking content that is already engaging and feeding it SEO-enriched copy will boost your organic traffic because content that your customers want to read will now be climbing to the top of their web search results pages!

Link Building & Back Linking

There are several ways to build links, but a popular and effective option is creating a blog post on your site each week and asking other bloggers or publishers if they’d consider linking back to it at least once per month. When someone links back, it helps boost traffic because Google looks at incoming links as votes, each showing how relevant certain pages are as compared to others within its database.

Providing multiple opportunities for linking increases your page’s ranking, performance, and overall engagement and helps to drive your website to the top of Google’s local search results.

Local Search Results

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing your website for your local area and customers. Local SEO ensures that when someone searches for a business in your city or the surrounding area, it is your business that shows up at the top of the list. It is important to optimize your website’s content to be relevant to your local audience, making sure local search engines can find you easily.

Additionally, including a clear and visible NAP (name, address, phone number) listing on the footer of every page of your website, especially the homepage, will help with local SEO visibility even further.

Why is SEO Important for my Small Business?

The benefits of local SEO for small businesses are significant for several reasons, but a top factor is that it helps individuals in your area find and shop for products and services that you provide by placing your site at the top of the search results above national companies. This can lead to more customers contacting you, and that’s a great thing!

The idea that few people actually check the second page of search results is becoming a myth, as more people are using voice search to find what they need. Local SEO services can make this trend work to your advantage.

Additionally, SEO attracts new customers from outside your area and helps build brand awareness through links and citations, which is great if you’re a new business working to build your customer base. Local SEO services also help small businesses rank on Google Maps. If someone can’t find you via traditional means (such as Google), they may still be able to find out where you are located through map listings.

Why should I Invest in Local SEO Services?

The question shouldn’t be ‘why should I invest in Local SEO Services?’ – but rather ‘how much should I invest?’ If done correctly by an experienced agency then it could potentially save your small business thousands of dollars. However, some businesses don’t realize how much money they could save by investing in local SEO until after they’ve already invested heavily into inefficient online marketing campaigns like PPC advertising.

Utilizing SEO-based digital marketing strategies will elevate your web presence

When a Local SEO Agency (Like Buzz) Is Best!

An SEO agency like the team here at Buzz has expertise in this wild and crazy, but effective digital area we call SEO! Our team will help your business show up on the first page of results, giving your business more opportunities to get new leads.

Our advertising agency already has a network of proven partners and techniques we use to get your site seen by more potential customers and people shopping online! We won’t just make short-term changes to your site, but rather, we’ll advise you on long-term solutions that allow Google or Bing (or whichever search engine you prefer) to recognize your website, blog sites, and social media pages.

And speaking of long-term solutions, one thing to note is that SEO, when delivered and monitored properly, will grow gradually over time. You won’t see a massive jump in your search results right away because it takes the “robots” behind Google some time to notice you and your content. Search engines routinely change their algorithms. By continually ranking well and utilizing strong keywords, adding alt text behind images, using strong back linking practices, and more, your site will incrementally drive up Google’s Search Results page.

Navigating the digital space can be time-consuming, especially if you don’t have much experience with online advertising. At Buzz, we know that small business owners already have enough on their plates. Hiring experienced SEO professionals saves you from having to learn about and implement digital marketing strategies by yourself. A local SEO agency like Buzz has the added benefit of being familiar with your target audiences.

We’ll tackle the work of elevating your web presence, so you can get back to doing what you do best… running your business!

Show Up and Stand Out with SEO

If you want to show up and stand out on Google and other search engine platforms, you need to implement SEO! There’s no better way to do this than to work with the digital marketing experts at Buzz, who will help bring your website and e-commerce shopping pages to the top of Google’s search results.

At Buzz, we work with our clients to optimize their websites and rank well organically with keyword-enriched content that is effective and engaging to read! Not only that, we’ll work with you to implement search engine marketing in your overall marketing strategy.

Are you thinking that your business could use some help in the SEO space? Give us a Buzz at 906-786-3445 and ask about how we can help your business rank higher on Google. Or, drop us a line on our contact page and we’ll be happy to reach out and assist you!