What Makes for a Great Jewelry Commercial?

The Busy Bee’s at Buzz Pick Their Favorite Jewelry Ads!

Not all ads are created equally, and that’s especially true in the jewelry industry! Sure, we at Buzz provide a full suite of marketing services to clients working in all sorts of industries, but our bread and butter (or as we like to say, “our pollen & honey”) are for those clients in the jewelry industry who specialize in diamonds and engagement rings, vintage and estate jewelry, gold and silver, ultra-luxury jewelry distributors, and more!

That being said, what exactly makes a jewelry commercial or advertisement ‘buzzworthy’? There’s a laundry list of reasons why ads work and why they grab and hold your attention. Whether it be an outrageous commercial that demands your attention, or an emotional ad that has you reaching for the tissue box, a great jewelry ad does more than just get your attention and keeps you wanting more. All great ads, especially in the jewelry industry, leave an impression on you and tap into your emotional responses to get off the couch and onto your computer to search out their website, or hop in the car and head to their storefront to make a jewelry purchase.

What do these excellent jewelry ads look like? Our Busy Bees here at Buzz have each selected their favorite jewelry ad they’ve seen in the industry so far, and shed some light on what they love about them and why they feel they work so well!

Let’s Buzz right into it! 

Katie's Pick

“For my selection, I chose a holiday jewelry advertisement entitled “Give” for one of our jewelry clients here at Buzz, Ware Jewelers. “Give” was a holiday campaign that we delivered for several of our jewelry clients, but it was an easy choice for me to pick Ware Jewelers’ version of the commercial simply because of the way their jewelry and ring boxes and packaging really popped for a striking look on screen. There is just something about their dark green and gold wrapping that sparkles on the camera, especially when placed in a holiday setting next to a crackling fireplace!”

“The overall message of the ad really resonated with me as well. The commercial is based on a message that is so much deeper than just giving jewelry as a holiday gift to a loved one. “Give” asks the viewer, ‘What are you giving back to the world this holiday season?’ and makes the audience stop and think about the underlying importance of giving your time, giving your love, giving your heart, and the giving of one’s self to help others and the world around them. The message was made complete with radiant, glowing jewelry featured throughout the ad, as well as a soft, ethereal rendition of ‘Auld Lang’ Syne playing in the background. Simply breathtaking!”

Audrey's Pick

“I thought this ad was great because while you are watching it play out, you forget that you are being sold something (Diamonds). Natural ads that hold your attention due to the art and creativity are the best types of ads in my book. Tiffany & Co. showcases the value of a diamond by showing ways to love and be loved. I also love Audrey Hepburn and the song “Moon River” which plays in the background of the ad which is sung by Beyonce.”

“I also believe that ensuring each ad and promotional campaign shows the customer the value of the idea, the product, and the service. The key is to make sure it’s done in a way that is natural and beautiful. No one enjoys being sold something, but they love to be told a story.”

Olivia's Pick

“Jewelry is so much more than a shiny diamond ring or pearl necklace. Although beautiful and radiant, the significance of jewelry lies not in the physicality of the product, but rather in the stories, moments, and memories that the jewelry represents. For this reason, I chose the video “Say It All” from our friends at Michelson Jewelers in Paducah, KY.

“Throughout the video, the viewer is being delivered the message that, no matter the occasion or for whatever reason, jewelry makes a great gift because it is timeless and can convey any meaning of love, sincerity, passion, care, and joy. Just as the ad says, no matter what you’re trying to say, jewelry says it all.”

“I think this ad is great because jewelry is normally presented in a romantic and intimate manner, but this ad is more soft-hearted and relatable, and it shows how jewelry can fit into any feeling and emotion, which in turn makes it successful and incredibly memorable.”

Tom's Pick

“I think this ad works well because it evokes emotion and highlights the jewelry, making it the true “attention-grabbing element.” The ad starts with a close-up shot to draw the viewer in, as the first 3 seconds are the most important in an advertisement. Then, the pace changes in the video, helping to keep the viewer’s attention.”

“I feel that lifestyle advertising works really well because people unknowingly put themselves in the position of the character on screen. They feel as if they are living the experiences they see. Seeing someone happy with the jewelry gives people the first taste of being happy with their own jewelry, thus prompting them to want to buy it!”

Bekki's Pick

“Here is a link to one of Buzz’s radio ads we did for Dean’s Jewelry! This ad was part of a year-long “Make Magic” Dean’s campaign. We set up different “Magic Tricks” and added in sound effects to go along with the magic theme.”

“This is not your “typical” jewelry ad which captures the listeners attention and holds it throughout. Since this is a continuing campaign, the listener is always wondering what Dean’s will do next, and by doing this, it creates top-of-mind awareness. Additionally, using the staff from the store in the ads, and making them fun, sends the message that shopping at Dean’s is a fun experience!”

Dinele's Pick

“Strong branding helps a business stand out from their competition. On top of basic branding features (i.e. colors, fonts, etc.), there are many more elements that go into consistent growth and brand loyalty.”

“For Ellis Jewelers, one of our clients here at Buzz, we picked a high-end, modern design style. Once we established their ‘look’, I applied that same general style and branding to all of their campaign elements so that when a potential or existing customer sees their ads, they either know what to expect or recognize the brand right off the bat!”

Cassidy's Pick

“This TikTok ad by Maui Divers Jewelry was successful because it engaged its target audience by utilizing creative techniques to tell a story about their brand. The ad features several cut shots, a videography camera technique that catches the viewer’s eye with the incorporation of fast motion footage and clipping shots together for a fast-paced feel. Cut shots keep the audience engaged, and coupled with the magnificent placement of their jewelry in an eye-catching environment, this ad successfully enhances the beauty of the product whilst telling a visual story of the jewelry design and production process. These visuals, along with the immersive beach sounds, draws the audience into the story.”

“From a social platform perspective, this ad takes advantage of vertical video formatting by incorporating visually pleasing shots that fit a viewers phone screen from the top down, which in turn makes it seem as if you are watching a video on the “For You” page instead of watching an advertisement.”

Barry's Pick

“There are few things better than beginning a working relationship, as a marketing agency, with a new jewelry client. From establishing trust and open communication, diving into their wants and needs as a business, and working to re-establish their brand, identity and image as a top-tier jewelry designer and manufacturer, this was exactly the case with Jewelry Designer Showcase (JDS).”

“Being that this video showcased the all-new JDS as a completely overhauled, updated, and reinvigorated jewelry designer brand after all the hard work we had put into their new look, it was incredibly satisfying to see the finished product! From hiring top models, establishing re-branded collections for their jewelry line, providing top-tier videography and cinematography services and more, this commercial turned out GREAT and it provided an exact video representation of their brand and the essence of what it feels like to wear their jewelry.”

“I believe this video is successful because it not only informed several top jewelry retailers across the country about the JDS re-brand, but it got the end-user excited about 4 new jewelry lines that had just broken into the American jewelry market. The commercial was played as a video-loop in participating retailers’ stores above the JDS jewelry display cases. The viewer witnesses a distinct separation between each jewelry collection, while at the same time gets an understanding that each collection falls under the JDS brand. The video is beautifully shot and attention grabbing, adding to the brand’s appeal.”

Tammy's Pick

“It was incredibly difficult for me to pick just one favorite jewelry ad to feature, as we at Buzz have been fortunate enough to create so many wonderful visual ads for our long list of amazing clients over the years. With such a tough choice, I selected an ad that we recently produced for our friends at Cline Jewelers in Edmonds, Washington. Andy Cline and his amazing team of jewelry professionals are what I consider to be the definition of a jewelry store success story.”
“When Andy came to Buzz, he was looking to take his store to the next level when it came to his overall marketing efforts and increase his profit margins. I’m proud to say that Andy, thanks in large to his wonderful staff and incredible work ethic along with our marketing assistance here at Buzz, have more than doubled their revenue, and I couldn’t be more proud of his team and to call ourselves true partners in business.”

“Cline Jewelers carries a wide variety of incredible jewelry designs and offers numerous jewelry related services, including top designer brands, precious gemstone and birthstone jewelry, vintage and estate pieces, jewelry repair and cleaning services, and more. But what really sets Cline Jewelers apart from the competition is their custom jewelry design service.”

“I’ll make it clear that I’ve never seen more beautiful and wonderfully complex jewelry designs in my life than what they create at Cline. This video, in just 30 seconds, does a great job of capturing the full essence of the custom design process, from the sketching of early ideas to CAD designing and wax molds, to unveiling the finished product! Simply watching a custom jewelry design idea come to life makes this one of the most riveting and rewarding jewelry commercials we’ve produced in quite some time, and the fact that it was developed for our friends at Cline Jewelers makes it even that much sweeter! Success!”