Buzzworthy Radio

Your Ticket to Buzzworthy Radio

By our audio extraordinaire, Bekki Your radio ad shouldn’t just be a voice reading a script with music in the background.  It should be memorable, thought provoking and keep people begging for a sequel!  That’s exactly what you get with Buzz Advertising Agency!  We believe that creating a buzzworthy radio

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Capture a Swarm with SEO

By our swarm capturing specialist, Scott As a hmuan, you can lkiely unastrednd waht tihs scnetene syas. Artificial intelligence is not at that level yet and still needs help understanding what your website is attempting to accomplish. This is where SEO, Search Engine Optimization, comes in to help communicate necessary

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By Tammy Benda Everyone knows what radio advertising is.  It’s been around since before most, if not all of you reading this have been alive.  You know what a TV ad is.  You look forward to this year’s best in the big game every year!   I started in the advertising

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Welcome to the Buzz blog

Welcome to the Buzz!

We’re the old, but new advertising agency in Marquette, way up north in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I’m Tammy Benda, former partner of Bottom Line Marketing, now owner of Buzz Advertising Agency. I’m thankful for the nearly 20 years of working with Chris Brooks, the Bottom Line founder, and the last few years sharing ownership with Chris’ family. I wish them all the best and continued success in their now truly family-owned business.

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