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Tips to Help Stay on Top of 4th Quarter

As the year draws to a close, the busy season is only just beginning. With so much to do, there never seems to be enough time in the day. While the job always gets done, that doesn’t dismiss the stress fourth quarter can bring. We’d like to share a few

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Redefining the Hive

“Why Bees?” “Why bees?” That seems to be a question we get a lot here at Buzz Advertising Agency ever since we have branched off from our respected former company, Bottom Line Marketing. The stretch from honey bees to full-service advertising agency seems confusing to some, but not to us! Sure,

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Social Media Photography Tips & Tricks

By: Olivia Stewart To look like a social media pro, you don’t necessarily need professional-grade equipment. Some of the best social media content can come from smartphones, that is, as long as you know how to use them correctly. I’m here to help! Here’s a blog all about getting the

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Buzzworthy Radio

Your Ticket to Buzzworthy Radio

By our audio extraordinaire, Bekki Your radio ad shouldn’t just be a voice reading a script with music in the background.  It should be memorable, thought provoking and keep people begging for a sequel!  That’s exactly what you get with Buzz Advertising Agency!  We believe that creating a buzzworthy radio

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Capture a Swarm with SEO

By our swarm capturing specialist, Scott As a hmuan, you can lkiely unastrednd waht tihs scnetene syas. Artificial intelligence is not at that level yet and still needs help understanding what your website is attempting to accomplish. This is where SEO, Search Engine Optimization, comes in to help communicate necessary

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By Tammy Benda Everyone knows what radio advertising is.  It’s been around since before most, if not all of you reading this have been alive.  You know what a TV ad is.  You look forward to this year’s best in the big game every year!   I started in the advertising

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