Buzz Brings Their Jewelry Advertising Specialties to the Retail Jewelers Organization (RJO)

Stop the presses! Buzz is proud to announce that we’re now members of the Retail Jewelers Organization! You may be asking, who are you and why are there bees in my hair? Well, we can’t help with those bees, but we can help members of the Retailer Jewelers Organization (RJO) make the most of their marketing with our full service & a la carte jewelry advertising options. We are buzzing with excitement to be a part of this amazing family of jewelers and jewelry industry professionals, and we look forward to meeting more members and digging into your marketing plans, analyzing your budgets, talking strategies, launching campaigns, and so much more!

Our Queen Bee, Tammy, Thanks RJO!

Why Is Buzz Excited To Bee Part of RJO?

To Buzz, RJO is family. Families are supporters, constructors, and cheerleaders, all the while offering help so the collective can prosper. Excitement does not begin to describe how GREAT it feels to have the opportunity to serve and contribute to the growth of so many jewelry industry leaders, artists, store owners, and more! We feel like we hit the jackpot!

As members of RJO, it allows Buzz to expand our hive, buzz deep into several new exciting relationships and professional avenues, and ultimately build the jewelry advertising community of our dreams! We are Buzzing to be a part of this family of leaders that work together, exchange ideas, resources, and talents, and band together for the overall growth of the family – or what we like to call a “hive!” Our team of busy bees is geared up and ready to pollinate your business with all of the marketing services available to get the buzz out about who you are, and what your store does best. Our hive is growing, and we want you to be at the forefront, as members of our hive, of this exciting expansion!

What is Full-Service Marketing?

If you are to become a member of our hive at Buzz, you will be gaining a FULL-SERVICE partner to better promote your store, but it is so much more than that. Full Service you ask? Buzz is much more than an advertising and marketing firm for jewelry businesses. Our skills extend over all of the essential realms of marketing, including strategy and a full analysis of your market. We’ll be the Thelma to your Louise, helping to satiate every one of your marketing needs. Further yet, we’ll really dig in and get to know you. Like, KNOW YOU, know you! 

What is your stores’ target audience? What is your culture like? What do your staff get excited about, and what are they great at? Who is your competition, and in what areas of your marketing do we need to bolster to outperform them and better grow your business? We’ll fight to get the best rates for your media, place your media in ways where you get optimum reach and frequency, and we’ll constantly do our homework and keep track of the data to adjust, tweak, and constantly improve upon your overall marketing road map.

Essentially, full service means we’ll go beyond ALL of the techy and fancy marketing stuff and we’ll bee your sidekick and you’re best friend, cheering for you when you have an excellent month of sales or absolutely SLAY that trunk show event! As your partner, we understand that it’s our job to tackle this “marketing honey-do list” so that YOU can take a deep breath and focus on doing what you do best… selling jewelry, connecting with customers, curating gorgeous collections, and more!

Marketing Agency VS. Jewelry Marketing Specialists – That’s the Buzz Difference!

Generalist vs. Specialist. What is the difference? A generalist is someone who is competent in all areas of marketing. They know your market on a surface level, which can help to a degree. But, what you need is somebody who is an expert in marketing AND jewelry. Somebody with experience and the portfolio to back up their decisions. Someone who will get you the results you want without you having to pour your precious time into this incredibly vital asset of your business.

As jewelry specialists, we know the “jewelry game” and we understand the best practices for jewelry advertising. For over 20 years, we have worked in the jewelry industry and helped several jewelry stores (just like you) push their messages out to the masses. Our refined marketing approach will get the results you are looking for. We can help you amp up your social media game to reach the Zoomers and Millennials, or refresh your brand to keep up with an ever-changing market. 

Additionally, we have long-standing relationships with jewelry manufacturers, vendors, wholesalers, gem and diamond cutters, jewelry co-op specialists and more so we can dive into promoting your products and the top jewelry designer brands you carry, too! We will help your small businesses find those potential customers that may seem out of reach.

Rest Easy! Buzz Has Your Marketing Back!

Take a deep breath. We understand that running a jewelry business is a lot of work that requires an excellent team of motivated and knowledgeable jewelry pros. Focus on that… your store and the selling of your jewelry! At Buzz, we’re fully prepared and ready to develop your marketing strategy based on your store’s needs and then tackle every last detail, step, and process along the way to result in the BIGGEST BUZZ for your budget. So, RJO family… who’s ready to kick their marketing buzz up a notch? Let’s partner up and do this thing in 3, 2, 1, GROW!

Let’s Grow!