Are TikTok Ads Worth Your Time?

Tick Tock Time to Use TikTok Advertising for Your Business 

It’s no mystery… in recent years, social media has become an essential tool for companies to create a Buzz around their business. TikTok is the newest app to join the family of social media giants, proven to be a vital asset for companies around the country. In 2020, TikTok joined other social media giants, like Facebook, on the Singular ROI Index. Now more than ever, the clock is ticking for your business to invest in the social advertising powers on TikTok.

What is TikTok? 

TikTok for your business.

TikTok is a new short-form video social media platform that has taken the world by storm. Originally under the name ‘Musically’, TikTok was formed via a merger with Chinese tech company ByteDance’s ‘Douyin,’, which was rebranded under the name TikTok in 2018. During the start of the pandemic, thousands upon thousands flocked to TikTok, looking for a way to pass the time amidst shutdowns and quarantines. Over the last four years, TikTok has grown exponentially with one billion monthly active users. About one out of five active internet users worldwide use TikTok. Simply stated, TikTok has a large user base and businesses have taken advantage of the breadth and reach of this mighty new platform.

Why Do Businesses Use TikTok?

Duolingo on TikTok

With a majority of users on TikTok being Gen-Z’ers and Millennials, companies worldwide have created strong footholds on TikTok, exciting younger customers and the burgeoning population of youth that has begun to fill advanced roles in professional workplaces. Small businesses and large corporations alike have begun to utilize and maximize the effectiveness of short-form content on TikTok to connect to new customers for free. Companies like Duolingo, with over 2.5 million followers, have used TikTok to generate social capital online. Duolingo uses popular sounds, as well as their mascot, to create engaging content that users happily interact with.

TikTok Advertising Done Right

Using lighthearted video content, following hot trends, using sounds, and interacting with other businesses, TikTok has proven to be a platform where businesses can thrive. Graphic designer Emily Zugay took off on TikTok with her less than appealing designs, and large companies like the Detroit Lions have joined in on the fun. The Detroit Lions can be seen actively embracing TikTok, for a short period of time taking up a new logo with Zugay’s design. Although this is all in fun, other small businesses have shared the glory of going viral on TikTok. The small business JT Mobile Detailing took off creating ‘satisfying’ videos of cleaning for users to enjoy, driving in new customers in addition to opening new opportunities for business collaboration.

Video creator Emily Zugay on TikTok redesigns many logos for well known brands.


Reply to @emilyzugay Safe to say your redesign was a huge hit 😌 #DetroitLions #OnePride #nfl

♬ original sound – Emily’
The Detroit Lions reacts to Emily Zugays new logo design shown in the video above.

Cost of TikTok Marketing 

Although users can pay to boost content and run ads, many businesses have had success without having to pay for views. The short form content of TikTok allows users to see more content in a shorter amount of time compared to other platforms. In addition, these same types of small businesses have benefited from TikTok in that it isn’t essential they pay for views, and their content is naturally landing in front of viewers via the For You Page.

TikTok Ads to Your Business 

Once on TikTok, how do you get your content onto the For You Page? Great question! Businesses whose content is more than just advertising their products tend to do better than content based on pushing specific items or an incentive. TikTok is a platform based on people interacting with people. Videos that initiate a common point of interest between the viewer and the creator have shown to ‘blow up’… and we mean this in a good way! When users feel connected to the people they are engaging with, they are more likely to interact with content and become customers. Many products have become popular because of TikTok, coining the phrase ‘TikTok made me buy it’. Businesses have also used trends on TikTok to relate to their audiences. By adding a unique spin on these trends, businesses have been able to successfully go viral.

Another way large companies have connected with users is by creating their own trends. Unless your business has the budget to work with TikTok, the easiest way to get onto the For You Page is by creating eye-catching, relatable content. Even with the addition of one-minute and three-minute videos to the platform, shorter content has been what most often populates the For You Page. Currently, users are most often using seven-second videos, accented with engaging text, to effectively go viral.

Time to Try TikTok!

TikTok is truly the master of short form content. Like its predecessor Vine, TikTok strives on short and silly content to keep its users scrolling for hours. Although Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps are still vital to social media advertising and marketing and lead in return-on-investment, TikTok is a new opportunity for businesses willing to be creative and invest time into their social media feeds. TikTok can be a stepping stone for your business on its way to reaching the younger generations and gaining new customers in the process.

Is your business taking advantage of all that social media advertising has to offer? If not, give us a Buzz.